February 19, 2024

Emergency housing after hurricanes

Affordable Hawaiian Homes

Hurricanes happen, but you don’t have to lose your home.

Affordable Hawaiian Homes tiny homes can withstand winds up to 149 mph.
Affordable Hawaiian Homes makes disaster relief after a hurricane affordable.
Affordable Hawaiian Homes makes emergency relief after a hurricane affordable.
If a hurricane comes and you need emergency housing, choose Affordable Hawaiian Homes.
Affordable Hawaiian Homes are FEMA listed and can be used after disasters, such as hurricanes.
FEMA listed Affordable Hawaiian Homes are helpful after a hurricane.
Don’t worry about losing your home to hurricanes, Affordable Hawaiian Homes are moveable.
When you need to relocate because of a hurricane, you don’t need to leave your home behind because our tiny homes are moveable.

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Affordable Hawaiian Homes

February 19, 2024


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